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Local sweets and delicacies: chestnuts, goat milk cheeses, chestnut honey, bilberries and others berries, cooked pork meats and many others... So many opportunities to enjoy it!!!

Chestnut, queen of Ardeche:
It has the place of honour all year long, fresh in autumn you can eat roasted in October and then the rest of the year sweetened (jam, candied chestnuts, liqueur, honey) or salted (plain chestnut or flour...).
Sardonne, Comballe, Bouche rouge, Ardeche chestnuts have label guaranteeing the quality since 2006.

  • Cep :
    On nutrivie level, Cep is an excellent food, having a lot of minerals and vitamins, and it is also very protein-rich. You will find them going down on all fours in moss. Picking mushrooms is controlled.
  • Bilberries :
    Ardeche is the first producing department in France. You can find bilberries from 600 meters height. Sweetened or salted, plain or cooked, there are a lot of pleasures with those berries.
  • Picodon :
    The very specific flavour of Picodon is due to full-cream goat milk. There is label guaranteeing the quality since 2000. Taste it with red wine from Ardeche, like Merlot, Cabernet or Syrah.


  • Mineral water :
    Due to volcano origin, the subsoil is full of trace elements that give beneficial features to mineral water. Vernet, Pestrin, Ventadour, Vals, during your meal will help you to digest properly.



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Tourist Spots

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Local produces

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Vocabulary for Ardeche gastronomy

  • Bombine : a whoel meal dish with potatoes with pieces of meat seasoned with bay leaves. Originally it was humble dish.
  • Caillette : pork meatballs with green chard, rolled in caul and baked.
  • Castagnou : drink made of chestnuts crème and Ardeche white wine.
  • Cousina : chestnuts soup
  • Crique : large grated potatoes cake with garlin and eggs.
  • Foudjou : dish made of dry goat milk cheese, peper, garlic, eau de vie and oliv oil.
  • Maoche : pig's stomach filled with sausage meat, cabbage and potatoes.
  • Pisadou : cake with chestnut purée.

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